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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Top 25 Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines for Jul 2020

"Top 25 Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines" is a monthly publication by Filipino Investor to give investors in the PSE a sense on what are the cheapest stocks at the current market prices.

This will be particularly useful to value investors a.k.a. those investors who like to buy companies whose current market price is selling cheap relative to quantifiable metrics such as earnings, sales, book value, dividend etc.

We would like to remind the readers of this website to do due diligence before investing specially on the more iliquid names. Cheers and enjoy!

1. P/E, P/B and P/S were arranged from lowest to highest (lower the numbers means they are cheaper)
2. Data as of 31-Jul-2020

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Investing in REITs: What are REITs? How do you earn from them and how do you invest in them?

What are REITs?
REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. A REIT is a company that owns and operates income-generating properties like condos, offices, hospitals, hotels, and warehouses.

How do you earn from them?
When you buy REIT shares, you earn from them in two ways:

  • Through regular cash dividends, since 90% of the REIT's earnings are required to be given to their investors or shareholders

  • Through price appreciation, since the price of the REIT shares can also go up as the REIT company grows
To read our full REIT guide,
Why should I consider buying REIT shares?

You should consider investing in REITs if you want an investment product that has regular dividends and with share price upside. (Share price upside or price appreciation means that the price of the shares you buy can increase over time as the REIT company earns and grows.)

Basically, you get the benefits of being a property owner with regular rental income, all without having to pay a large amount of money to purchase property and without having to operate and maintain the property.