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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Top Twenty Five (25) Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines for August 2016

"Top 25 Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines" is a monthly publication by Filipino Investor to give investors in the PSE a sense on what are the cheapest stocks at the current market prices. This will be particularly useful to value investors a.k.a. those investors who like to buy companies whose current market price is selling cheap relative to quantifiable metrics such as earnings, sales, book value, dividend etc.

We would like to remind the readers of this website to do due diligence before investing specially on the more iliquid names. Cheers and enjoy!

1. P/E, EV/EBITDA, P/B, P/S were arranged from lowest to highest (lower the numbers means they are cheaper)

2. DY was arranged from highest to lowest (higher numbers are better/cheaper)

3. Data as of 30-Aug-16

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

[Reflections] IBM's Deep Blue Defeats World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in Chess

Back in 1997, the headline says that the World Chess champion Gary Kasparov (the expert) was beaten by IBM's Deep Blue (a computer).

But more importantly we should realize that it was not the computer who beat Kasparov in their match up in that point in time but rather, the summation of the knowledge learned and effort poured by IBM's groups of researchers/developers since Deep Blue's early development in the 1940s.

In essence, the match in 1997 was actually a battle between an individual person - Gary Kasparov vs the team behind Deep Blue from 1940s-1997 (50+ years) w/c was only represented systematically by the Computer.

When framed in that perspective, it actually just made sense that Kasparov lost.

Watch the video here:

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