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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Wisdom of Benjamin Graham

I stumbled upon this great video of Benjamin Graham's "legacy" in Youtube and I thought the followers of The Filipino Investor should really know about it, hence I'm sharing it on this blog.

To those who do not know who Benjamin Graham is. He is actually one of the "look-up-to-guys" when it comes to Value Investing. If you ask me, I think it is even safe to say that he is the father of value investing. Ben Graham is a business professor at Columbia University where he taught Warren Buffet and the other business tycoons (shown in the video below) on how to view stocks in a business and value investor's perspective. He is also an author of various books such as "The Intelligent Investor" and "Security Analysis" to name a few.

My top 2 favorite lines are the segment below.

Ben speaks to Warren.

"Warren, don't worry too much about making money - It won't change the way you live, It would change the way how your wife lives. Look at you and I wearing the same clothes and we're going to eat at the same cafeteria... So relax" - Benjamin Graham

A student asks Ben about Stock market forecasts made by Wall Street professionals.

"Everybody in Wallstreet is so smart that their brilliance offsets each other, and that whatever they know is already reflected in the level of stock prices pretty much and consequently what happens in the future represents what they don't know." - Benjamin Graham

Damn, ain't Ben Graham's investment principles epic? Lol I really got blown away that it even made me blog about it! Hahaha! 

So yeah, go ahead and see the vid. Have a nice day!

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