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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sir John Templeton... Respect...

Saw this interview with Sir John Templeton 25 years ago and it fascinates me that even though mankind has made a lot of changes a.k.a. "developments" in the last 25 years, the Philosophy of investing remain the same.

Interviewer: Where are you finding bargains today?
John Templeton: Where people are selling, you'll never get a bargain except when most investors are trying to sell.

John Templeton also nailed down Hong Kong being a financial center to cater for Mainland China. Dow Jones going higher in value and Nikkei (Japan) being over valued hence he liquidated his positions in the region. All of this outlook made on 1989.

Looking at the historical charts below, it's easy to see what happened next...

Yep, he made sh*t loads of money.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (US)

Hang Seng (HK)

Nikkei 225 (Japan)

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