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Friday, February 12, 2016

Jamie Dimon gets in when JPMorgan gets dumped

It's all over financial media that JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO, James Dimon "Jaime", bought 500,000 shares of JPM common stock at about $53.2 per share which is about $27MM of his personal money after the recent global market sell-off.

Looking back historically, this is actually not the first time Jaime Dimon did this type of transaction. Back in the height of 2008 financial crisis, on Jan 16, 2009, Jaime Dimon also came in and bought 500,000 shares at $22.92 after a the stock made a drop of whooping 71.91% from it's peak to trough.

He also purchased another 500,000 shares in 2012 at around $34.4/share when the JPM stock dropped 42.41% from peak to trough. Putting things in context, his previous two purchases (2008 and 2012) are actually relatively "more courageous" than the most recent since the stock just dropped 25.65% from the recent peak.

Still, hats off to Dimon, as he seem to be a guy who gets in big when a relatively huge correction comes in, and so far he's making money - a lot of money, about $24.4 MM of gains from his 2008 and 2012 purchases.
As an investor/trader. We could really learn a lot from Jaime Dimon's transactions.

For a visual view of his transactions, check out our chart below.

Picture paints a thousand words, so they say...

[Click image to enlarge]

Jaime Dimon was like...

Jaime Dimon Trade Log on Open Market Purchases:

Good job Jaime! \m/.

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