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Monday, October 12, 2020

Investment and Life Lessons - Part 18

 Here's the PART 18 of our Investment and Life Lessons series. 

These are the ideas we've gathered from our various readings on business, stocks, economy, money, war, love and life. Our list is getting too long again hence we're sharing it with the Filipino Investors out there for them to learn a thing or two. Cheers!

  1. Beauty is a form of Genius, - is higher indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in the dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon. It cannot be questioned. It has the divine right of sovereignty. - Oscar Wilde

  2. Beauty makes no argument, yet ends them all.

  3. ‪It seems most of modern human problems root from the misunderstanding of statistics‬ - KPV

  4. Your biggest fan is a stranger, your biggest hater is someone you know 

  5. Gold is money. Everything else is credit. - John Pierpont Morgan

  6. Men have two lives and the second one starts when he realizes he only has one - Confucius

  7. Work is better when you don't need the money - MMM

  8. As in all things, sequence matters - Billions

  9. Necessity is the mother of innovation

  10. Sex so good the neighbors complain

  11. Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention - Sinatra

  12. You can trade index stocks, 2nd liners or speculatives every trading day of the year. But IPOs are rare. We give more value to what is rare.

  13. Working towards what you want is not the Work, that’s the Fun. Figuring out what you want is the Work. If working towards what you want feels like Work instead of Fun, you never successfully completed the Work of figuring out what you want.

  14. Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you - Naval

  15. Whereas the beautiful is limited, the sublime is limitless, so that the mind in the presence of the sublime, attempting to imagine what it cannot, has pain in the failure but pleasure in contemplating the immensity of the attempt - Kant

  16. The purpose of a system is what it does

  17. One thing I have learned in life is that success is The Ultimate Revenge on your rivals. That also includes anyone that has ever doubted you, held you back, or tried to slow you down - MP

  18. Buddha was a prince

  19. Good riddance - Rommel M. Mampusti

  20. The government has to understand that a mining project is a project of the state. The mining companies are just the contractor. They should be pushing the companies to move. Not the mining companies pushing the government to make them move

  21. When you are sitting on a mountain of gold, literally, that is fundamentally good - Gus Cosio

  22. We are only stewards and passersby in this world - Joe Soberano

  23. It is not yours, you are just there to take care of it. I think that’s how entrepreneurship should be looked at - Joe Soberano

  24. Values of entrepreneurship

    1. Service

    2. Integrity

    3. Innovation and Technology

    4. Fight the war against poverty

  25. When we became a publicly listed company it was really not part of my plan when I started CLI, it became a nature consequence of what we do - Joe Soberano

  26. Age for entrepreneurship

    1. 20-30: work for a company learn from your boss

    2. 30-40: if you have idea, just do it

    3. 40-50: know na what you want and match it with your capabilities, do what you’re good at na, cash cow days

    4. 50-60: go global, massive growth, and then teach the next generation

    5. 60-300: as you please :D

  27. It always adds up

  28. When you were younger you want to change the world, when you grow older, you want to change your country, when you grow even older you only want to change yourself

  29. If you look at the whole history of [economists], they don’t make a lot of money buying and selling stocks, but people who buy and sell stocks listen to them. I have a little trouble with that - Warren Buffett 

  30. Vision without implementation is hallucination - Amb Jose Antonio

  31. Slow and sure should be the motto of every man - Junius Spencer Morgan, father of J.P. Morgan

  32. 1912 Pujo Committee hearing

"Is not commercial credit primarily based upon money or property?" - S. Untermyer

- No, sir. The first thing is character - J.P. Morgan

"Before money or property?"

- Before money or anything else

  1. You can’t fight progress - Ray Angelo “Maki” Makasiar, JVM Oriental

  2. I can't afford to hate anyone, i don't have that kind of time - Harvey Specter

  3. We have two lives, and the second one begins when we realize we only have one - Confucius

  4. It’s all a matter of preference 

  5. When a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even his enemies live at peace with him."--Proverbs 16:7 NIV.

  6. Mike, you gotta be a man’s man - John Franzese

  7. Do not speak badly of yourself, for the warrior that is inside you hears your words and is lessened by them - Old Samurai Proverb

  8. If you believe in victory, then victory will believe in you - Paulo Coelho

  9. Not to be hated by his subjects is the best defense a prince could have - N.M.

  10. A prince who is not wise himself cannot be wisely counseled 

  11. Princes who were long in possession of their states must not blame fortune but rather their own sluggishness for having lost them

  12. I surely think that it is better to be impetuous than to be cautious, for fortune is a woman and in order to be mastered she must be jogged and beaten

  13. And it may be noted that she submits more readily to boldness than to cold calculation

  14. Therefore, like a woman, she always favors young men because they are not so much inclined to caution as to aggressiveness and daring in mastering her

  15. This, I believe. Conviction is what many do not possess. But those who have it will soar to the heavens - Gus Cosio

  16. You can take the boy out of Brooklyn but you can't take Brooklyn out of the boy - Michael Franzese

  17. But if the truth makes you shy from taking a stand at the present, then all your futures will slip from your grasp - Goro

  18. People want to worry about the state of the world but won’t put an ounce of energy into solving the problems their own family and friends deal with - Ellobo Salvaje

  19. Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one that asked why. – Bernard Baruch

  20. One man’s cost is another man’s income

  21. Whoever organizes a state and establishes its laws must assume that all men are wicked and will act wickedly whenever they have the chance to so - N.M.

  22. Time is called the father of all truth

  23. In time, everything is revealed

  24. The wishes of free people are seldom damaging to freedom, for they grow out of oppression or fear of being oppressed

  25. When these fears are unjustified, there is recourse in public assemblies where some reputable man can rise and speak to them and show them they are wrong

  26. The people may be ignorant, but they can recognize the truth and will readily yield when someone trustworthy explains it to them - Cicero

  27. Better to gamble on the man you know than the strangers you don't - Lord Petyr Beilish

  28. I’m a slave to the truth - Tyrion Lannister

  29. Dragon’s don't do well in captivity 

“How do you know this?”

That’s what I do, I drink and I know things - Tyrion Lannister

  1. If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose - Manny Villar

  2. We must all wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out. - Theodore Roosevelt

  3. (During the 90s) There wasn’t even a proper name for this kind of trading, which involved  data cleansing,  signals,  and  backtesting, terms most Wall Street pros were wholly unfamiliar with. Few used email in 1990, the internet browser hadn’t been invented. - on Jim Simons quantitative trading strategies

  4. Frustrated, the owners asked Jimmy to walk the store’s narrow aisles and sweep its hardwood floors, a mindless and repetitive task. To Jimmy, the demotion felt like a stroke of luck. Finally, he was left alone to ponder what mattered most in his life. Math. Girls. The future. They’re paying me to think! - Jim Simons

  5. Later in life, Matty told his son he wished he hadn’t forgone a promising and exciting career to do what was expected of him. “The lesson was: Do what you like in life, not what you feel you ‘should’ do,” Simons says. “It’s something I never forgot.

  6. It’s nice to be very rich. I observed that, I had no interest in business, which is not to say I had no interest in money - Jim Simons

  7. Jim understood at an early age that money is power, He didn’t want people to have power over him. - Barbara Simons

  8. Working with Baum and two other colleagues, Simons developed a newfangled stocktrading system. The quartet published an internal, classified paper for the IDA called “Probabilistic Models for and Prediction of Stock Market Behavior” that proposed a method of trading that the researchers claimed could generate annual gains of at least 50 percent

  9. Let the problem be,” Baum liked to say, usually with a smile, when his kids came to him with concerns. “It will solve itself.”

  10. Moxie - force of character, determination, or nerve

  11. Laufer would buy futures contracts if they opened at unusually low prices compared with their previous closing price, and sell if prices began the day much higher than their previous close. Simons made his own improvements to the evolving system, while insisting that the team work together and share credit.

  12. There was a mix-up at a state competition in 1957, and Berlekamp (a non athletic guy who joined the swimming team) was forced to swim in a relay race against a group of much stronger swimmers. Luckily, his teammates handed Berlekamp a huge lead that even he couldn’t blow. His team took gold, Berlekamp’s one shining athletic moment, teaching him a valuable life lesson. “Try to get on a great team,” he says

  13. We’re in the insurance business,” Berlekamp told Straus

  14. “Elwyn, when you smell smoke, you get the  hell out!” Jim Simons told him

  15. “I was always motivated more by curiosity,” Berlekamp says. Jim was focused on money

  16. KPV lesson on item 76: Focus on the money

  17. Visibility invites competition, and, with all due respect to the principles of free enterprise—the less the better - Jim Simons

  18. One of the most important goals of government-financed research is not so much to get answers as it is to consume the computer budget -  Mercer

  19. Any time you hear financial experts talking about how the market went up because of such and such—remember it’s all nonsense - Aaron Brown

  20. “At the NSA, the penalty for leaking is twenty-five years in prison,” Simons liked to tell employees, somewhat ominously. “Unfortunately, all we can do is fire you.”

  21. LTCM’s basic error was believing its models were truth,” Patterson says. “We never believed our models reflected reality—just some aspects of reality.

  22. “I don’t deny that earnings reports and other business news surely move markets,” Berlekamp says. “The problem is that so many investors focus so much on these types of news that nearly all of their results cluster very near their average

  23. I worked for Renaissance for over twenty years, they’re the one place I ever worked in my professional life,” Magerman told a reporter. “I had an obligation to inform the public. . . . And that was the end of it, as far as I’m concerned, except that I got suspended and fired”

  24. Lesson from line 84 - don't be a snitch

  25. Be guided by beauty . . . it can be the way a company runs, or the way an experiment comes out, or the way a theorem comes out, but there’s a sense of beauty when something is working well, almost an aesthetic to it. - Jim Simons

  26. The more you know, the farther you go - Snoop Dogg

  27. No financial legacy, business or otherwise, can survive through the generations, without addressing key issues around a family’s culture, values and the purpose of wealth - Matthew Fleming

  28. If you want more, you gotta do more

  29. The fish dies by the mouth

  30. Maximum flexibility at the very last moment

  31. Let others define themselves, but you, you keep your options open

  32. It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice - Deng Xiaoping

  33. Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton - Mark Twain

  34. A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep and does not turn when a small dog barks 

  35. He is not afraid to say what he believes and does not care who might be “offended” by his views. That is rare in a time when critical thinking outside of the mainstream perspective is considered blasphemy

  36. Collectors are happy people. How many collectors do you know that are unhappy? - Charlie Munger

  37. I'm a collector of inanity

  38. Had Mr. Buffett earned his world-beating returns for only 30 years rather than much longer, he would be worth 99.9% less, notes Mr. Housel. “The real key to his success is that he’s been a phenomenal investor for three quarters of a century,” he writes of Mr. Buffett

  39. Warren Buffett’s skill is investing, but his secret is time - Mr. Housel

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