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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Top Twenty Five (25) Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines as of 02-Mar-15

The "Top 25 Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines" is a monthly publication by The Filipino Investor to give investors in the PSE a sense on what are the cheapest stocks at the current market prices. This will be particularly useful to value investors a.k.a those investors who like to buy companies whose current market price is selling cheap relative to quantifiable metrics such as earnings, sales, book value, dividend etc.

We would like to remind the readers of this website to do due diligence before investing specially on the more iliquid names. Cheers and enjoy!

1. P/E, EV/EBITDA, P/B, P/S were arranged from lowest to highest (lower the numbers means they are cheaper)

2. DY was arranged from highest to lowest (higher numbers are better/cheaper)

3. Data as of 02-Mar-15

Top 25 Cheapest in terms of Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E)

RankTickerShort NameMarket Cap (PhP)Last Price (PhP)Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio
1MJC PM EquityMANILA JOCKEY CL1,992,322,56020.93
2ABA PM EquityABACORE CAPITAL1,497,389,0560.471.27
3MRC PM EquityMRC ALLIED INC1,072,595,0080.12.25
4ATNB PM EquityATN HOLDINGS-B1,280,999,9362.972.75
5ATN PM EquityATN HOLDINGS-A1,280,999,9362.822.75
6REG PM EquityREPUBLIC GLASS1,630,136,8322.393.49
7ACE PM EquityACESITE HOTEL372,327,3281.083.56
8IRC PM EquityIRC PROP INC1,359,848,9601.363.80
9VITA PM EquityVITARICH CORP2,006,278,5280.723.91
10ORE PM EquityORIENTAL PENINSU6,649,334,7842.314.13
11PRC PM EquityPHILIPP RACING C4,923,873,7928.94.42
12YEHEY PM EquityYEHEY! CORP380,860,0001.374.44
13SMC PM EquitySAN MIGUEL184,000,000,00077.54.91
14MHC PM EquityMABUHAY HLDG720,000,0000.65.13
15PERC PM EquityPETROENERGY RESO1,607,348,2245.875.33
16ALCO PM EquityARTHALAND CORP1,356,114,3040.255.41
17SPC PM EquitySPS POWER6,510,000,1284.355.75
18BCB PM EquityBENGUET CORP 'B'1,389,564,1607.015.82
19BC PM EquityBENGUET CORP-A1,389,564,1607.25.82
20ANS PM EquitySORIANO (A)17,749,999,6167.15.99
21CPG PM EquityCENTURY PROPERTI11,135,617,0240.966.00
22RCI PM EquityROXAS AND CO INC5,457,062,9122.846.03
23OV PM EquityPHILODRILL CORP2,878,032,1280.026.07
24HI PM EquityHOUSE OF INVEST3,920,000,0006.376.27
25EG PM EquityIP E-GAME VENTUR450,000,0000.027.04

Top 25 Cheapest in terms of Enterprise Value to EBITDA (EV/EBITDA)
RankTickerShort NameMarket Cap (PhP)Last Price (PhP)Enterprise Value to EBITDA (EV/EBITDA)
1OPM PM EquityORIENTAL PETRO-A2,800,000,0000.011.01
2OPMB PM EquityORIENTAL PETRO-B2,800,000,0000.011.01
3ACE PM EquityACESITE HOTEL372,327,3281.082.54
4ION PM EquityIONICS INC522,510,7520.612.55
5PRC PM EquityPHILIPP RACING C4,923,873,7928.92.58
6TUGS PM EquityHARBOR STAR SHIP938,119,8081.553.54
7BMM PM EquityBOGO-MEDELLIN300,000,000503.82
8PF PM EquitySAN MIGUEL PUR34,166,755,3282053.94
9OV PM EquityPHILODRILL CORP2,878,032,1280.024.16
10WPI PM EquityWATERFRONT PHILI937,000,0000.384.19
11BCB PM EquityBENGUET CORP 'B'1,389,564,1607.014.46
12BC PM EquityBENGUET CORP-A1,389,564,1607.204.46
13ORE PM EquityORIENTAL PENINSU6,649,334,7842.314.74
14CPM PM EquityCENTURY PEAK MET2,904,940,2881.034.93
15LSC PM EquityLORENZO SHIPPING804,231,2321.455.06
16PSPC PM EquityPHOENIX SEMICOND5,802,264,5762.75.25
17HI PM EquityHOUSE OF INVEST3,920,000,0006.375.74
18FDC PM EquityFILINVEST DEV42,674,032,6404.585.91
19ATI PM EquityASIAN TERMINALS25,039,998,97612.526.01
20IMI PM EquityINTEGRATED MICRO12,300,000,0006.636.21
21EVER PM EquityEVER GOTESCO1,115,000,0640.226.29
22NIKL PM EquityNICKEL ASIA CORP110,000,000,000296.38
23ALCO PM EquityARTHALAND CORP1,356,114,3040.256.45
24V PM EquityVANTAGE EQUITIES6,509,352,4483.16.76
25MVC PM EquityMABUHAY VINYL CO1,606,981,8882.437.01

Top 25 Cheapest in terms of Price to Book Ratio (P/B)
RankTickerShort NameMarket Cap (PhP)Last Price (PhP)Price to Book (P/B) Ratio
1EG PM EquityIP E-GAME VENTUR450,000,0000.020.15
2SGI PM EquitySOLID GROUP INC2,222,281,2161.220.22
3WPI PM EquityWATERFRONT PHILI937,000,0000.380.23
4ACE PM EquityACESITE HOTEL372,327,3281.080.28
5ABA PM EquityABACORE CAPITAL1,497,389,0560.470.30
6ION PM EquityIONICS INC522,510,7520.610.33
7FAF PM EquityFIRST ABACUS FIN894,899,9680.750.36
8NRCP PM EquityNATIONAL REINSUR2,038,661,3760.960.36
9TFHI PM EquityTOP FRONTIER INV35,618,820,0961070.37
10BCB PM EquityBENGUET CORP 'B'1,389,564,1607.010.40
11BC PM EquityBENGUET CORP-A1,389,564,1607.20.40
12PHN PM EquityPHINMA CORP2,802,343,16810.760.43
13SPH PM EquitySPLASH CORP1,154,885,5041.840.45
14MJC PM EquityMANILA JOCKEY CL1,992,322,56020.47
15PMPC PM EquityPANASONIC MANUFA1,775,415,6804.20.47
16ANI PM EquityAGRINURTURE1,156,331,3921.860.47
17EVER PM EquityEVER GOTESCO1,115,000,0640.220.48
18PHES PM EquityPHILIPP ESTATES527,625,6960.370.51
19SOC PM EquitySOCRESOURCES INC856,824,5120.950.52
20APO PM EquityANGLO PHIL HLDGS4,230,000,0001.410.53
21HI PM EquityHOUSE OF INVEST3,920,000,0006.370.54
22ELI PM EquityEMPIRE EAST LAND13,208,579,0720.90.54
23AT PM EquityATLAS CONS MIN20,807,716,8649.970.56
24KPH PM EquityKEPPEL PHIL HO-A323,433,1205.390.57
25KPHB PM EquityKEPPEL PHIL HO-B323,433,1205.30.57

Top 25 Cheapest in terms of Price to Sales Ratio (P/S)
RankTickerShort NameMarket Cap (PhP)Last Price (PhP)Price to Sales (P/S) Ratio
1PNX PM EquityPHOENIX PETRO PH5,660,000,0003.960.14
2ION PM EquityIONICS INC522,510,7520.610.18
3HI PM EquityHOUSE OF INVEST3,920,000,0006.370.19
4PCOR PM EquityPETRON CORP95,813,566,46410.220.19
5SMC PM EquitySAN MIGUEL184,000,000,00077.50.23
6PMPC PM EquityPANASONIC MANUFA1,775,415,6804.20.26
7GSMI PM EquityGINEBRA SAN MIGU4,031,142,40014.360.28
8IMI PM EquityINTEGRATED MICRO12,300,000,0006.630.29
9YEHEY PM EquityYEHEY! CORP380,860,0001.370.31
10FOOD PM EquityALLIANCE SELECT1,664,680,8321.110.32
11PF PM EquitySAN MIGUEL PUR34,166,755,3282050.33
12ANI PM EquityAGRINURTURE1,156,331,3921.860.34
13SPH PM EquitySPLASH CORP1,154,885,5041.840.35
14BCB PM EquityBENGUET CORP 'B'1,389,564,1607.010.37
15BC PM EquityBENGUET CORP-A1,389,564,1607.20.37
16LSC PM EquityLORENZO SHIPPING804,231,2321.450.37
17LPZ PM EquityLOPEZ HOLDINGS C41,100,000,0008.940.41
18VITA PM EquityVITARICH CORP2,006,278,5280.720.42
19WPI PM EquityWATERFRONT PHILI937,000,0000.380.47
20SGI PM EquitySOLID GROUP INC2,222,281,2161.220.50
21PHN PM EquityPHINMA CORP2,802,343,16810.760.55
22FPH PM EquityFIRST PHILIP HLD57,127,903,232103.20.57
23ACE PM EquityACESITE HOTEL372,327,3281.080.57
24PSPC PM EquityPHOENIX SEMICOND5,802,264,5762.680.60
25MG PM EquityMILLENNIUM GLOBA789,659,5200.370.68

Top 25 Cheapest in terms of Dividend Yield (DY)
RankTickerShort NameMarket Cap (PhP)Last Price (PhP)Dividend Indicated Yield (DY)
1BLFI PM EquityBDO LEASING & FI5,211,565,5682.417.29
2REG PM EquityREPUBLIC GLASS1,630,136,8322.396.28
3OV PM EquityPHILODRILL CORP2,878,032,1280.026.25
5LAND PM EquityCITY & LAND DEV1,338,562,4321.255.09
6SGI PM EquitySOLID GROUP INC2,222,281,2161.224.92
7HLCM PM EquityHOLCIM PHILIPPIN94,845,853,69614.74.76
8ALCO PM EquityARTHALAND CORP1,356,114,3040.254.71
9WEB PM EquityPHILWEB CORP19,569,539,07213.664.39
10TEL PM EquityPHILIPP LONG DIS683,000,000,0003,162.004.37
11GMAP PM EquityGMA HOLDINGS-PDR20,800,000,0006.194.35
12GMA7 PM EquityGMA NETWORK INC21,200,000,0006.304.30
13SHNG PM EquitySHANG PROPERTIES15,244,980,2243.24.06
14SLF PM EquitySUN LIFE FINANCI826,000,000,0001,347.003.78
15EURO PM EquityEURO-MED LAB5,470,000,0001.333.76
16ROX PM EquityROXAS HOLDINGS I5,821,134,3366.43.75
17PHN PM EquityPHINMA CORP2,802,343,16810.763.72
18COL PM EquityCOL FINANCIAL7,687,710,20816.203.70
19ANS PM EquitySORIANO (A)17,749,999,6167.13.52
20FJP PM EquityFJ PRINCE HLDG-A1,563,169,2803.153.17
21PSB PM EquityPHILIPP SAVINGS22,896,062,46495.33.15
22LFM PM EquityLIBERTY FLOUR MI3,329,334,01638.13.00
23UBP PM EquityUNION BK PHILIPP74,300,000,00070.22.99
24MFC PM EquityMANULIFE FIN1,450,000,000,000735.002.98
25CDC PM EquityCITYLAND DEVEL3,500,501,7600.982.92

Source: Bloomberg

This is not an investment advice and the author shall not be responsible or liable for any trading or investment decisions made based on this information.
The author hereby expressly disclaims any responsibility for any error or inaccuracy in the information.

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