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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Top 25 Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines for Jul 2019

"Top 25 Cheapest Stocks in the Philippines" is a monthly publication by Filipino Investor to give investors in the PSE a sense on what are the cheapest stocks at the current market prices.

This will be particularly useful to value investors a.k.a. those investors who like to buy companies whose current market price is selling cheap relative to quantifiable metrics such as earnings, sales, book value, dividend etc.

We would like to remind the readers of this website to do due diligence before investing specially on the more iliquid names. Cheers and enjoy!

1. P/E, P/B and P/S were arranged from lowest to highest (lower the numbers means they are cheaper)
2. Data as of 30-Jul-19

Cheapest in terms of Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio 
RankTickerCompany NameSectorLast PriceT12M Earnings Per ShareP/E Ratio
1ABAAbaCore Cap Hldngs, Inc.Holding Firms0.971.040.93
2GREENGreenergy Hldngs Inc.Industrial2.251.361.65
3IRCPhl Infradev Hldngs, Inc.Property1.790.493.66
4FPHFirst Phl Hldngs Corp.Industrial86.8522.663.83
5COSCOCosco Cap, Inc.Holding Firms6.91.773.90
6HIHouse of Investments, Inc.Holding Firms6.411.454.42
7CLICebu Landmasters, Inc.Property5.11.074.77
8JOHJolliville Hldngs Corp.Holding Firms6.441.324.88
9RLTPhl Realty and Hldngs Corp.Property0.40.084.92
10MVCMabuhay Vinyl Corp.Industrial3.420.665.18
11SHNGShang Prop, Inc.Property3.270.625.27
12ROCKRockwell Land Corp.Property2.450.455.48
13BRNA Brown Company, Inc.Property0.830.155.52
14EWEast West Banking Corp.Financials12.422.165.75
15PERCPetroEnergy Resources Corp.Industrial4.870.835.87
16IMPImperial Resources, Inc.Services1.90.325.88
17CDCCityland Development Corp.Property0.910.155.94
18SPCSPC Power Corp.Industrial6.761.126.04
19PNBPhl National BankFinancials49.57.986.20
20IONIonics, Inc.Industrial1.690.276.28
21ABSABS-CBN Corp.Services18.322.916.30
22CPGCentury Prop Group, Inc.Property0.620.096.64
23PRCPhl Racing Club, Inc.Services8.51.276.69
24PNXPhoenix Petroleum Phl, Inc.Industrial11.981.717.01
25MFCManulife Financial Corp.Financials770106.037.26
Cheapest in terms of Price to Book (P/B) Ratio 
RankTickerCompany NameSectorLast PriceBook Value Per ShareP/B Ratio
1EGIP E-Game Ventures, Inc.Services0.0090.100.10
2BCBBenguet Corp. "B"Mining and Oil1.146.300.19
3BCBenguet Corp. "A"Mining and Oil1.226.300.20
4ARAbra Mining and Indstrl Corp.Mining and Oil0.0020.010.20
5SGISolid Group, Inc.Holding Firms1.45.600.25
6ELIEmpire East Land Hldngs, Inc.Property0.4651.740.27
7ATAtlas Consolidated MiningMining and Oil2.679.990.27
8COALCoal Asia Hldngs Inc.Mining and Oil0.270.970.28
9LPZLopez Hldngs Corp.Holding Firms4.5715.020.30
10HIHouse of Investments, Inc.Holding Firms6.4120.760.31
11ROXRoxas Hldngs, Inc.Industrial2.156.680.32
12WPIWaterfront Phil, Inc.Services0.752.140.35
13APOAnglo Phil Hldngs Corp.Holding Firms0.721.990.36
14ABAAbaCore Capital Hldngs, Inc.Holding Firms0.972.600.37
15PHNPhinma Corp.Industrial923.990.38
16OREOriental Peninsula ResourcesMining and Oil0.852.250.38
17RCIRoxas and Company, Inc.Industrial1.473.860.38
18SSPSFA Semicon Phil Corp.Industrial1.092.730.40
19KPHKeppel Phil Hldngs, Inc.Holding Firms4.5211.090.41
20ACEAcesite (Phils.) Hotel Corp.Services1.463.490.42
21BHIBoulevard Hldngs, Inc.Services0.0630.150.42
22DELMDel Monte Pacific LimitedIndustrial6.3715.170.42
23CPGCentury Properties Group, Inc.Property0.621.440.43
24ABSABS-CBN Corp.Services18.3241.890.44
25KPHBKeppel Phil Hldngs, Inc. "B"Holding Firms4.8511.090.44
Cheapest in terms of Price to Sales (P/S) Ratio 

RankTickerCompany NameSectorLast PriceT12M Sales Per ShareP/S Ratio
1TFHITop Frontier Invst Hldngs, Inc.Holding Firms260.23128.680.08
2PCORPetron Corp.Industrial5.5858.970.09
3DELMDel Monte Pacific LimitedIndustrial6.3754.480.12
4HIHouse of Investments, Inc.Holding Firms6.4152.090.12
5PNXPhoenix Petroleum Phil, Inc.Industrial11.9867.430.18
6PIPPepsi-Cola Products Phil, Inc.Industrial1.759.420.19
7SSPSFA Semicon Phil Corp.Industrial1.095.790.19
8PMPCPanasonic Mfg Phil Corp.Industrial5.527.250.20
9LSCLorenzo Shipping Corp.Services0.934.080.23
10PHNPhinma Corp.Industrial937.870.24
11MRSGIMetro Retail Stores Group, Inc.Services2.619.860.26
12SHLPHPilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp.Industrial38.55136.480.28
13COSCOCosco Capital, Inc.Holding Firms6.923.300.30
14IMIIntegrated Micro-Electrncs, Inc.Industrial9.7531.980.30
15BCORBerjaya Phil Inc.Services2.387.380.32
16MGMillennium Global Hldngs, Inc.Industrial0.190.600.32
17FPHFirst Phil Hldngs Corp.Industrial86.85248.020.35
18ABSABS-CBN Corp.Services18.3248.120.38
19FOODAlliance Select Foods Int, Inc.Industrial0.781.970.40
20SMCSan Miguel Corp.Holding Firms175.9437.880.40
21LRLeisure & Resorts World Corp.Services3.548.370.42
22ROXRoxas Hldngs, Inc.Industrial2.155.010.43
23VITAVitarich Corp.Industrial1.222.670.46
24IONIonics, Inc.Industrial1.693.690.46
25EEIEEI Corp.Industrial1122.610.49
Source: PSE, First Metro Securities

This is not an investment advice and The Filipino Investor shall not be responsible or liable for any trading or investment decisions made based on this information.

The Filipino Investor hereby expressly disclaims any responsibility for any error or inaccuracy in the information.

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